The Pastors at St. Rita Catholic Church


Rev. Daniel Kayajan, CSC

Rev. Jim Preskenis, CSC


A brief introduction to the Congregation of Holy Cross:

There are 1,670 Holy Cross Priests and Brothers that live and work in 15 countries on four continents. Since 1840 when our founder sent brothers and priests from France to Algeria to work in schools, we have been a missionary congregation of educators. Soon after that first mission, we were sent to the territories of Louisiana and Indiana, Canada, Italy, and Bangladesh.

We have worked in schools and parishes from the beginning, and still serve primarily in high schools, colleges, and universities. We also educate as parish priests and in other ministries among the poor. Wherever we work, we try to help people develop their own gifts - and to discover the deepest longing in their lives. We come not just as servants, but also as neighbors, to be with the people and of them.

Today, we continue in the missionary spirit of our founder - with 13 provinces of the congregation throughout the world, and with districts in parts of the world where Holy Cross is trying to take root - Chile, Northeast India, Mexico, Peru, and Tanzania.

Today, we remain faithful to the words of our Constitution (2,17): Our mission sends us across borders of every sort. Often we must make ourselves at home among more than one people or culture, reminding us again that the farther we go in giving, the more we stand to receive.